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Highly available name server infrastructure for protection against DoS attacks and for optimum availability – world-wide and any time

Highest Availability for Domains

A stable, performant and 100-percent available DNS network is indispensable for the accessibility of web offers. Due to new and more and more refined threat scenarios, the challenges to the name server infrastructure for the operation of corporate websites and e-commerce platforms have clearly increased.

Therefore, conventional DNS structures inevitably touch their technical limits. If that is not recognized in good time, providers and their customers run the risk of suffering lasting damage because of a limited availability.

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What is AnycastDNS?

Anycast Technology

The classical addressing method in the internet is based on the Unicast technology. Every server, i.e. also a DNS server has a world-wide unique IP address. All requests made to that IP address get to that specific server no matter where in the world the person making the request is located. For distant clients, this may lead to delays and time-outs. If the server is not accessible or has become the victim of an attack, all services under that IP address are affected and do not work anymore.

With Anycast name servers, one and the same IP address is connected to the internet through several globally distributed locations so that every request in the internet is guided to the topologically nearest name server instance, which leads, apart from improved performance, to an increase in fail-safety. The Anycast technology has proven to be an effective means of protection against (D)DoS attacks.

In case of a DoS attack upon the name server network, there is always only affected the nearest instance so that normal operation can continue on the remaining nodes. In case of a DDoS attack, the requests are distributed among several nodes and the attack is clearly weakened.

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Premium AnycastDNS

  • Maximum performance
  • Improved access time
  • Highest stability
  • 100% fail-safe
  • Protection against attacks
  • 9 locations distributed world-wide
  • PartnerGate integration
  • 7x24 monitoring
  • Support of IPv6 and DNSSEC
  • Attractive conditions without set-up and basic charges
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